house band=Yazz NATURAL
 Born Yasmin Evans, Shepherdis Bush, London, 19 May 1963. A catwalk model, stylist for George Michael, then hot gt official house musician.  Born Gary Toulouse Slade, Brooklyn, New York, 21 May 1949. A boardwalk vendor, personal trainer for Peggy Cass and gt house scribe.  
  • strikingly beautiful
  • has lilting soprano voice you can't afford to miss
  • recorded many EPs
  • many fans throughout the free world
  • sings "The Only Way Is Up"
  • striking for more loot
  • would watch "The Sopranos," but can't afford HBO
  • purchased many EPs
  • fans throughout the free world and the US
  • lives "the only way is up"
Wanted [Big Life, 1988;  9, 41:55] rocks.  Although it favours dance, there are ballads to display Yazz's versatility.  Besides looking hot, Yazz has a truly pleasing voice, a great asset for a singer. Reminds me of a woman I once dated, except she couldn't sing. Had other talents, though. 

You'd think after all these years, there would be a follow-up album. After all, Janet Jackson keeps issuing them.   Yazz releases dance singles instead. 

"The Only Way Is Up" was number one in the UK. (Not sure how it charted in the US; at least it was released here.) It is one of my favourites. I wish I could learn to follow its advice. "Fine Time" still is on the reggae beat, not that you can fault the riddim' in any Yazz song. The single has a 7½-minute remix with Colonel Mite that is quite powerful. "Where Has All the Love Gone" is a pretty ballad; the lyrics are good, which you don't expect on a dance album. The jazzy "Something Special" really lives up to its name. An excellent album, and I say that after living with it for years.

I listened to Wanted frequently when I first got it. I still whip it out occasionally and I like to play the album, too. Somehow seeing Yazz at a club is the coolest thing I can imagine. If it were New Year's Eve, 2000, I could die happily.  gold

August 1999

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