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  • Instant infatuation was my reaction to seeing her hit video, "The Only Way Is Up." It seemed a great dance song not that there's anything wrong with that but lyrical substance and Yazz's vocal confidence made it so much more. Co-written by the great George Jackson, up there with his other memorable songs.
  • Luckily I got to see Yazz on MTV dazzling Downtown Julie Brown.
  • Her debut album, Wanted (1988), was outstanding for more than the major hit, spurring my interest to the extent that I squandered my fortune on Yazz "singles," whenever I unearthed them.

  • When this site launched in March 1988, Yazz was declared gt House band, with all the concomitant honours and responsibilities. Too bad, it didn't include a recording contract.
  • I pondered why Yazz had only singles. Poor, poor ignorant me! She was releasing great albums, available all over the world, except for this Yazz-forsaken country.
  • Thankfully, the Internet's free flow of information enabled me to acquire ONE ON ONE (Polydor 1994), the natural life (EastWest/WB, 1997) and at her very best (Universal, 2001), but I'm still seeking her remix album. The true gold is out there.
  • Although Yazz can still "get down," as the kids say, her repertoire is varied. Most selections on best are not from the previous albums - certainly not in the same form. Like a sizzling rendition of "Love Hangover" with its Diana Ross homage.
  • Her Reggae influences surface on natural life with Sugar Minnott, Sly & Robbie and Ali Campbell (UB40), among others. My current favourite is ONE ON ONE, with eleven gems. And sure enough, Yazz still puts out danceable remixes.
  • Yazz sounds like an angel and always surprises; but don't sit there reading about her albums, get them.
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