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I loved Stacey in the quirky, quickly-canceled "TV-101." I understand she is a young spirited actor who brings her natural charm and charisma to all that she does.

See her as Bec in "Cold Around the Heart," an underrated movie that made a lot more sense and worked a lot better than the similar, insipid, predictable "Out of Clueless castSight," the critics' darling. I admire her performance in "Clueless"  and I'm constantly reminded of her tour-de-force in "Illegal in Blue" because whenever I exit Microsoft® Outlook, I get the message "Illegal" in blue.

She was born in the Bronx (New York) 20 January 1966. She married producer Brian Lovell in July 1999. Lucky Brian! Her earliest recorded acting gig was in 1984 on "The Cosby Show." A regular on tv's "Clueless" and the short-lived "TV 101" and "The Strip," Stacey appeared on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," four episodes of "St Elsewhere" and, more recently, "CSI." ........ ....... .......  

 Smooth cover photographer: Deborah Anderson
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And my personal favourite, an unsigned rant:

You can't be a heterosexual man unless you want to see nude pictures of Stacey Dash.
If you don't agree with me on this, you are weird.

Even if I agree, I am weird. Believe me.
The web page where I found this is gone.
Sorry, folks. 



Enemy Territory (1987)
Moving (1988)
Black Water (1989) aka Tennessee Nights
Mo' Money (1992)
Renaissance Man (1994)
Clueless (1995)
Illegal in Blue (1995)
Cold Around The Heart (1997)
Personals (1998)
Paper Soldiers (2002)
The Painting (2002)
A View From The Top (2003)


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  If you want to see our heroine raked through the coals,
  read a nasty piece of feces from a clueless twit. Diana
  Rigg could excerpt this critical travesty should she ever
  compile a No Turn Unstoned sequel.

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