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SELF portrait zany gray


zany gray


©2005 gt slade

9 May 1979


Rosario on the beach yellow hood ornament?
Swinger? city girl profile
red toppedPluto Nashsweater
pick up Swinger?Swinger?
in the city red bold

RosariomeanHarley top
bottomlessmeanPussycats Tara Reid, Rachael Leigh Cook and Rosario

RosarioHarley topRosario

Mean magazine   Photo May 06New

GIANT magazine

basic rdI LOVE THIS!Rosario


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I combed and brushed the WEB
for some of these images,
scanned the rest myself.
Thanks to such sites as:
  in Germany, an unidentified site in Italy,
 www.thegoliard.net/, thelionesspride.com,
 www.bthere.tv/ and celebritywonder.com

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