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Miss Randy Crawford
One early seventies evening, Leslie Stoval played "Last Night at Danceland." I fell in love with Randy Crawford, bought all her records, bought them all on CD.

For consistently great music over time, Randy is unsurpassed.
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©2003 gtslade
Everything Must Change Everything Must Change 1976 prod. Stewart Levine  
Miss Randy Crawford Miss Randy Crawford 1977 prod. Bob Montgomgery  
Raw Silk Raw Silk 1979 prod. Stephan Goldman  
Now We May Begin Now We May Begin   1980 prod. Wilton Felder, Stix Hooper, Joe Sample  
  Casino Lights (2 cuts) 1980 prod. Tommy LiPuma  
Secret Combination Secret Combination 1981  prod. Tommy LiPuma  
Windsong Windsong 1982
An occasional composer, Randy's "Don't Come Knockin'" is one of her best. But every song is gorgeous, particularly "One Hello." Her "Letter Full of Tears" cover is untouchable and "This Night Won't Last Forever" is a beauty.
Great accompaniment by some of the best studio musicians. For some reason, Secret Combination is available in America, but this classic is German only. Who won the War again?
prod. Tommy LiPuma  
Nightline Nightline 1983 [10; 40:02]
Pain never felt this good. An album with one great song after another, culminating in Randy's own sad, yet upbeat, "Go On and Live It Up." Another highlight: "In Real Life," contrasting what we want with what we get. A sadly profound, beautiful work.
prod. Tommy LiPuma  
Abstract Emotions abstract emotions 1986 [10; 49:31]
Yes, MadDonna's producer included a song a bit too similar to "Borderline" to desire, but there are several fine songs on this album, not the least of which is Randy's amazing "Almaz." I love "World of Fools," perhaps because of where I live. "Don't Wanna Be Normal." "Gettin' Away With Murder." Another great album.
prod. Reggie Lucas  
rich and poor Rich and Poor 1989 prod. Robin Miller 
Michael Powell, 1 cut
through the eyes of love   1992  prod. Michael J Powell 
Sadao Watanabe, 
Corrado Rustici
Don't Say It's Over Don't Say It's Over 1993 prod. Misha Segal  

Naked And True
Naked & True
prod. Ralf Droesemeyer Forget Me Nots  
Every Kind of Mood Every Kind of Mood 1997 prod. Jens Krause 
Mousse T.
Permanent Permanent  2001 [13, 53:05]
    R E V I E W
prod. Pete Smith  
  The Collection The Collection 1990
Cajun Moon    
  a poem for Randy
  without Randy, where would I be?
Randy's got that voice
It's not a choice
Have'ta listen
Melody just floats
Even august notes
Seem to glisten
  That's the way it sounds to me
Just a happy rhapsody
Or another case of blues
For which Randy's paid her dues
  Morning'shot and beat
Its red hot retreat
That's what's doin'
In the afternoon
I have quaffed the tune
Randy's brewin'
  That's a day in harmony
Or a merry melody
I'm not happy without you
Fade out baby, now we're through
© 1998-2003 gt slade
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