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©2006 gtslade
perverts for anarchistic media

P*A*M logo

    "Give me liberty or give me a frosty cold piña colada."

      How do I join?
        Place the logo on any page or every page. Wherever you like.

      What types of sites can join?
        Those displaying the P*A*M logo. It's about freedom.
        While P*A*M encourages offensive, outrageous statements,
        yours can be as innocuous as a tribute to the most touching
        moments of The Only Bush I Trust is My Own.

      Can I be expelled from P*A*M?   Don't forget anarchy.

      P*A*M logo

      Can anyone join?   Sure. Definitely.

      What benefits does membership afford?
      Absolutely none

censorship is fucked
Teach perversity

      What does it cost to join?
      Nothing.  Contributions accepted.

      What do you need to know about me?
      Why you ask all these questions.

      What if I forget my secret password?
      There are no passwords to forget.

      How about a special screen name?

      Have you got a plan?
        Our secret plan is to piss off the giant media
        conglomerates.  Don't tell anyone, okay?


      P*A*M logo P*A*M logo
      Join P*A*M.  It's free.

      If you decide to join, send an e-mail. Or not.
      You might just get a reciprocal link. 

      P*A*M logo

the only bush THE ONLY BUSH I TRUST IS MY OWN...
This book changed my fucking life, unusually
It introduced me to MySpace, it reminded me
that there remain unique artists out there writ-
ing books, designing shirts & short subjects•
——— gt slade ———


Follows the sage adage, 'Don't just
whine about problems, write about
them, too.' Like the cover, the text
is too revealing to put down (even
if, misguidedly, you wanted to).
Awe inspiring
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