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Only hours before Flag Day 
And at gt house
Not a desktop was scrolling, 
Not even a mouse. 

The modem was purring 
In the main cabinet, 
But the Internet surfers 
Had seen nothing yet. 

When all of a sudden, 
There arose so much silence 
That peaceful gt began 
Threatening violence. 

"Smash all the damned Windows® 
And follow the pink 
To Microsoft's OS, 
The Net's weakest link. 

"Log on to my Web site, 
g t slade dot org²  
As the public are saying, 
'gt house da bomb!'" 

gt has completed
This project, lord knows, 
With help from the others 
So thank yous he owes. 

"Thanks Angela, Glamour
Gene Tierny and Yancy, 
Mazzetti's fresh pastries 
Whose flavours I fancy.

"Marissa and Gary,
Mom, Dad and my aunts,
Pretenders and Brenda,
My women in France.

"Thanks Sean, Mark, WordPerfect, 
You surfers who stayed, 
Adobe®, Naomi, 
Edith J Slade.

"Thanks Lynda for boosting
My ego a bit, 
Da woman who say she
Put up with my shit. 


Thanks, Wilbur

"For 'Pricedown' and 'Primer,' 
It's Larabie Fonts, 
Meets my headlining wants

"Macnee and Diana, 
Thanks Patrick McGoohan, 
Peets Coffee for perking 
Me up as I'm doing

"These graphical wonders
And slick animation.
Thanks all politicians
For screwing the nation.

"To sagging Old Glory –
For kindling it's great –
Both incarnations of
'Heaven Can Wait.'

"Thanks Leslie and Leonard,
Two Lindas, one spider,
Jack Benny, Dave, Jenny,
And George Tirebiter.

"Thanks Charlie, Bob Marley
And Anchor Steam beer,
Kathleen, both Midoris,
Thank god the end's near.

"Thanks to all the fine humans
Whose imprint is seen, 
For the last word in clothing, 
Thank you, Geoffrey Beene."

14 June 2000
©2000 gt slade 


² When this was written, this site was,
  and that rhymes with bomb.


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