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    That's a pun.  Ha, ha!  
    New ditty.  Nudity.  Get it?

    When navigating Naomi photos, nudity is inevitable.
    It has been pointed out that there are persons for
    whom nudity is more than inevitable, it's "offensive."

    I understand.  For I find those persons's posturing offensive.

    I was going to write a whole explanation of my feelings,
    only I already have so, if you have no objection to nudity,
    feel you are old enough to "handle" it, your locality does
    not consider it criminal and so on, click the "bring it on"
    icon (Naomi wearing the hat) to continue.

    If nudity offends you or perhaps you are already
    indignant by its mention, click the "no thanks" (hell no!)
    icon and have a nice day.



no nudity is good nudity
no thanks

leave me alone
b r i n g   i t




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