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Kristen Born in Detroit, 18 July 1980, Kristen Bell looks younger – young enough to be in high school. She studied Musical Theater at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, debuted on Broadway in 2001, as Becky Thatcher in "Tom Sawyer."

Am I the only one reminded of lovely Superpal Allison Mack, who would be better appreciated if she weren't overshadowed by the gorgeousness of Kristen Kreuk?

Ms Bell definitely exudes the confidence and intelligence necessary for detective work. She's lovely and she delivers.


Here are some pictures of Veronica and Kristen. Click to enlarge.
Kristen   Veronica Kristen 3   Kristen Bell online  
Kristen gowned dressing up posterfrom 'Spartan' 
Kristen in Shape  
  more pictures Veronica working

line Bell with Enrico Colantoni back from the top Veronica Mars NeXt 


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