June Pointer was one of the greats. There is a void without her. Her sisters said, "She's your baby sister," so I sort of regarded her as such.

June was born across the Bay in Oakland, 30 November 1953. As a youth, she and Bonnie sang as Pointers-A Pair before Ruth and Anita were added to become The Pointer Sisters.

After Bonnie went solo, the remaining sisters found enormous success as a trio. During their careers, June recorded the solo album, "Baby Sister," which spawned a top-thirty R&B hit by Norman Whitfield, "Ready For Some Action." In 1986, June sang lead when the Pointer Sisters joined Bruce Willis for the hit single, "Respect Yourself." The next year, she recorded "Heartbreak of Love" with Dionne Warwick.

In 1989, Columbia released her eponymous second album. Unlike 1983's "Baby Sister," "June Pointer" was available on CD.

As part of the Pointer Sisters, June sang lead vocals on many classics, including "Jump", "Who Do You Love," "Dare Me", "He's So Shy", "Happiness", "If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady," "Nightline," "Fall In Love Again" and "Baby Come And Get It".

June separated from the singing group sometime after 2000. She had missed too many shows, due to drug and alcohol abuse. By the time she was diagnosed with cancer, it had advanced too far to be treated. Having touched so many people all over the world with her artistry, it seems unfair she had to suffer before passing away 11 April 2006 at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica.

Sadly, some of her best recordings ("Baby Sister," "Energy" and "Priority") have yet to be reissued on CD.

It is difficult to express grief, but Bonnie put it well: "I loved her with all my heart. She was so strong, so vibrant, and so beautiful. I miss her so much."

I'll remember her smile always.
  – gt


June Pointer on CBS
June in the studio  
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