Japanese cover
Far Cry  
  Don't Come Crying  
  He's A Diamond  
  Makes You Wonder (Linda, Robert Ahwai, Lynton Naiff)  
  Doin' The Right Thing  
  Breathing Space  
  Last Call  
  Light Years Away  
  Mr Respectable  
  He's A Diamond (Calypso)  
  Reach For The Truth  
  And of The Sun  
  Don't Come Crying (acoustic)  
all songs by Linda Lewis, except "Makes You Wonder"

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R e v i e w

Linda Lewis: vocals, guitar
Greg Bone: acc & elec guitars, keyboards, percussion
Reg Webb: keyboards
Robert Ahwai: acc & elec guitars
Kuma Harada: acc & elec bass
Richard Bailey: drums & percussion
Martin Ditcham: percussion
Rick 'Biff-Baff' Taylor: trombone, keyboards, backing vocals
Nigel Hitchcock: saxophones
Steve Sidwell: trumpet
Steve Gregory: flute
Sally Herbert: violin
Sonia Slany: violin
Jocelyn Pook: viola
Sian Bell: cello
Paul Lewis: backing vocals
Shirley Lewis: backing vocals
Dee Lewis: backing vocals
Sylvia Mason-James: backing vocals
Patrick Boothe: backing vocals

Produced by Greg Bone.
Mixed by Greg Bone & Robin Black.
Recorded & mixed at Jacob's Studio, Surrey.
May/June 1996.
Turpin Records 1997 1997

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