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No sooner do I, gt, complete my tribute to life as we know it than the mothers [and by mothers, you kids know what I mean] at ABC have apparently pulled it — never a good sign. The official web site says the next episode has not been scheduled. Not "in two weeks" or "in three weeks," just "not scheduled." That's a bad sign. The show was struggling on Thursdays at 9:00, so they moved it to Thursdays at 8:00. Why not try another day? Or sell it to F/X or some network that appreciates a fine programme and doesn't bury it, substituting specials, like Celebrity Bowling Fashions, Pet Swap and Desperate Programmers. ["Hey, that's not Blondie! Some bastard switched turtles on me."]

Oh well, that is what we expect from ABC. So, while you're waiting for life to be resuscitated, read my tribute to the network, ABC Bites The Big One.

    gt, 23 January 2005


Lucas · Osborne · Peregrym
the students as we know them
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the regular cast
Missy Peregrym
Marguerite Moreau

G U I L T Y   P L E A S U R E

I don't know about you, but my high school experience way back in the 20th Century centered on fantasising. Daydreaming. On life as we know it, a guy named Ben lives my fantasies. He dates his hot, young teacher, then he breaks up with her because: 1) she's so mean, she won't let him choose positions, and 2) the school's hottest girl is attracted to him. Most of us had to make tough decisions in high school, but few were that problematic. My first thought was don't give up steamy sex for a relationship, Dude. But I was was always looking for love, so maybe Ben isn't completely crazy.

The creators of "life" learned from "freaks and geeks" that normal youngsters don't make for hit tv, so they've cast gorgeous young women and men in the major roles. Even the parents are adorable. In addition to Jessica Lucas, there's another Canadian, Missy Peregrym. She's cute and can kick ass, as she demonstrated in the short-lived "Black Sash." So far none of her fights have been physical. The other female student is an English singer, while the guys are American. Beauty aside, the acting is top notch, elsewise this would be a lame soap opera, if that's not redundant.

Since "life" is based (very loosely) on a Melvin Burgess novel about three 16-year-old British lads's sex lives, they are nominally the focal points. But the young women are very assertive and need not do much to get attention. To make things truly American, race is soon to be an issue, when James McDaniel and lovely Megan Gallagher show up as Sue's parents. Just what the show needs — more tension.

To assure its demise, ABC have placed life as we know it in a killer time slot, 9:00 on Thursdays. Oh gosh! Isn't this where My So-Called Life thrived for 17 weeks.

I await life as we know it each week if, for no other reason, that the name is so not so.

I N N O C E N T   C A S T   N O T E S

My favourite, as you can tell from the hard-to-acquire photos, is Jessica Lucas. According to Rozon Management's web site, she was born 24 September 1900 in Vancouver. Those Canadian winters must be more preservative than previously believed. If you can't believe 1900, believe that Ms Lucas still lives in Vancouver, enjoys playing softball and is a professional singer and dancer.

The teacher (Miss Young) is portrayed by Marguerite Moreau, born in Riverside, California. At 15, she got a role in "The Mighty Ducks." She excels in this role, as the naughty teacher. I wouldn't mind studying under her. [Looks like she may have been written out of the series, dammit!]

Photographs courtesy
ABC tv
whose programme I am shamelessly promoting,
not that they deserve it.


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