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It’s official! “The Greg Gutfeld Show” makes its debut on Sunday, the last day of May, 7:00 PM (10:00 Eastern). Joanne Nosuchinsky will be there. I’ll be there in spirit. The program will concern cooking, travel and music, with Greg singing a capella versions of Kansas songs—the musical group, not the state. After extensive focusing, the show’s edgy name edged out such contenders as “Everybody Loves Greg” and “Huckabee!” Not to mention a twenty-first century reworking of “The Love Boat” [see below].

If you do not know who Greg is, say because you don’t know how to set your DVR to record programs, he is what you might call a humourist. Gutfeld was the creator and host of “Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld”, airing on Fox News Channel at 3:00 AM weekdays, from its inception in 2007 until 27 February 2015, so about 12 years. He is an original co-host of “The Five,” which airs weekdays at 5:00 PM on FNC. He may have been born in San Mateo, but he currently lives in New York.

Greg Gutfeld has written several books, most of which I have read, including Not Cool, The Joy Of Hate, The Bible of Unspeakable Truths and Lessons From The Land of Pork Scratchings.

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The Washington Post


The New Yorker magazine
by Kelefa Sanneh

16 May 2015

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