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While I'm more interested in music than in musicians, my ignorance of Gail, the musician, is due to lack of availability rather than lack of curiosity. In the past couple of years, I have received enough factoids to give me the impression that the woman would be nearly as fascinating as her music.

Since I'm reminiscing, I first learned of Gail Ann Dorsey in one of my favourite magazines, the short-lived "Model." They had excellent reviews, one of which highlighted her then-new album, "The Corporate World." The article made it sound terrific, so I bought a copy and the rest is history.

Several years ago, I saw a listing for a second CD, Rude Blue. Despite ordering it from Tower, Borders, any store that accepted orders, I never saw a copy. I stumbled on the European edition of The Corporate World, with longer versions of several songs, including Anne Dudley playing part of the Moonlight Sonata at the beginning of "Carry Me Off To Heaven," and an entire song omitted from the American version, "Missiles of Midnight." Perhaps Rude Blue will be available some day, like Donna's i'm a rainbow album. Perhaps not. My owning a copy increases the chance of a re-release. Consider Two Eyes by Brenda Russell.

Gail appears on Indigo Girls' 1200 curfews, doing a hot rendition of "Midnight Train to Georgia." Sans Gail Ann, I wouldn't have splurged on this two-CD set, though it is quite enjoyable. She's also played with Thrashing Doves, Tears For Fears and many others.

Recently, Ms Dorsey is known for touring and recording with David Bowie. Too bad I learned of this on the Internet after Bowie was in town, or I surely would have been there, even if they played the crappy Warfield.

Until the Web became ubiquitous, I heard and saw little of Ms Dorsey. Now I've got more music and information. Not enough for a biography, enough for a list, which I'm calling

      Stuff i've Read About Gail Ann Dorsey

  • Born in Philadelphia, PA, 20 November 1962.
  • A movie buff with a huge video collection, Gail studied film at CalArts, intending to become a screenwriter. "When I realised the nature of the movie industry, I thought I could never possibly make a living. So I decided to return to music, my first passion, with hopes of having a big hit record, so I could make my own movies."
  • Favourite film: "Network." She explains "because the prophesy has come true."
  • Favourite independent filmmakers: John Singleton, John Cassavettes and the Coen Brothers.
  • Her three favourite musical artists: Queen, Joni Mitchell and Beethoven.
  • Favourite song: "Alfie" (Burt Bacharach and Hal David)
  • Musical women she enjoys: Sarah McLachlan, Bjork, Chaka Khan, Ani DeFranco, Karen Carpenter, Joni Mitchell.
  • And: Heart, Dionne Warwick, Abba, Earth Wind & Fire and the Partridge Family.
  • Considers herself a fan of David Bowie, whom she calls "one of the greatest artists in the world." Her favourite Bowie album, Young Americans.
  • Began playing guitar at age nine. Got her first bass at 14, but didn't consider herself a bass player until she was 20.
  • First guitar heroes: Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Terry Kath of Chicago, Jimi Hendrix and Nancy Wilson of Heart.
  • Bassists she admires: Charles Mingus and Chuck Rainey.
  • Self-taught instrumentalist because she could not afford lessons as a youngster. "Experience is the best teacher."
  • Studied clarinet in school and made first clarinetist in the orchestra.
  • Took singing lessons during her career with Annie Lennox's voice coach.
  • Early ambitions: "Being a movie star and writing scripts for 'The Bionic Woman.'" [Wait a minute. Those were my early ambitions.]
  • Favourite colour: blue
  • Favourite cartoon character: Fred Flintstone
  • Hates cooking. Loves cats, though she's allergic to them.
    "I think I was a cat in a past life."
  • My (gt's) favourite GAD remark: "I'm not much on pigs, but I love pussies."
  • Hint about her upcoming album, I Used To Be. "I am trying to make Easy Listening in the 21st century 'cool' again."
That's it. Links follow. Click on the album covers below to read my incisive reviews. Or maybe they're insightful. I forget.  

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