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I am the indescribably excited possessor of all the songs from the suppressed "Sunday Love" album.  I will not review it.  For one thing, it's not available through normal channels, so my efforts would be wasted, as I often am.  Mostly, I am sick of writing reviews.  Call me crazy, old or lazy, but that's how I feel.  I enjoy music more when I'm not pressured into evaluating it.

Having heard the entire album, I cannot believe Island refuse to release it, although Amazon is keeping my order open, claiming it is scheduled for delivery in 2012.  (I'm not kidding.  I wish I were.)  Since I cannot buy the album, I pieced like a musical jigsaw from singles and mysterious sources [pirated MP3s]. 

Fefe wanted to release it herself, but they won't let her.  I picture cigar-smoking executives sitting around playing "Sunday Love" and giggling.  Hey, that isn't tobacco!  And the music industry wonder why we hate them.

One annoying feature of "singles" was the inclusion of what they call snippets, a few seconds of a song.  I mean, it's a frigging CD!  There's room for the entire song.  Don't tease us, Island.

All I'll say about "Sunday Love" is that it's a great album, very loud.  If you don't like slammin' rock music, forget I mentioned it.  But those who enjoy literate, fun rock will love this gem.

Did I say loud?  There's power guitar-playing and Fefe sounds fierce.  She also maintains her sense of humour, so when you're in the mood for sizzling' rock, this is the thing to play, assuming you can acquire a copy.

"If You Walk Away" from the "Raising Helen" soundtrack is excellent, as well as the Miley Cyrus song, "Start All Over," co-written by Fefe, who Miley sounds like on this one. 

"Don't Let It Go To Your Head" is terrific rock.  Fefe's lyrics always say something, they aren't just screaming guitars with energetic drumming.  "If I Was a Guy" (some fantasy) lets guys know how they are viewed by chicks.  If I were a girl, I'd be a dirty slut, but that's another number.  "Miss Vicious" really rocks, if you like that sort of thing, power with matching vocal.  Great ending, too.

On "Don't Let It Go To Your Head" and "This Is My Life," Fefe shares writing credits with Joshua Berman and Billy Steinberg.  The latter tune is quite beautiful, a welcome ballad.  A pretty song co-written by Jay Levine, "Don't Let Me Fall" is quite tender.  Fefe melds strong and vulnerable together, capitalising on her vocal powers.

Holly Knight co-wrote "Get Over Me."  Good song, but it will take more than that for me to get over Ms Dobson.  Just when you think she might run out of steam, "Hole" is another fine ditty.  Pretty, with a tasty guitar solo.

Fefe was working on another [third] album.  I look forward to that. Anticipation is always pleasurable. it's all golden

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