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USA network offer (offered?) some solid programming, despite being related to NBC. While occasionally straying with inanities like "Psych," they ran new "Monk" episodes after NBC dropped it. They've got "Royal Pains," "Covert Affairs" and "Fairly Legal." They also re-run some of the more popular crime shows, including "NCIS," a CBS programme and one of the best. Not to mention "House MD" from Fox.

Surprisingly, "Fairly Legal" was ratings-challenged, although Thursday is a rough night. I watched all ten episodes on iTunes and, with few exceptions, it was creative, entertaining, mysterious and hot because Sarah Shahi is delightful. She is on the gt House Favourites page for obvious reasons.

No need to describe the show when you can watch it on the Web.

Pictured: Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi), Justin Patrick (Michael Trucco), Lauren Reed (Virginia Williams), Leonardo Prince (Baron Vaughn), Judge Nicastro (Gerald McRaney), Julie Chang (Brittany Ishibashi), Judge Smollet (Peter MacNicol), Joseph Chang (Clyde Kusatsu)…

IYEOKA The Yellow Brick Road Song
composed by Iyeoka Okoawo & David Franz

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