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As a devoted Roswell viewer, I was shocked at the dearth of Emile De Ravin sites. She was not a regular in the final season, but it all turned out fine.

She's on Lost now.

Holy Billy! This is gonna be the best darn Emilie site on the web or my name isn't gt slade.


Emilie Galleria
Emilie De Ravin as Curupira, looking very dancer-like
Emilie as Tess Harding  
Hot Shot
official site need updating 
Emilie Online  
Simon's site need updating 
Alien Emilie  
a never fading beauty  
Article: Going Ravin Mad  

It Was You   Emilie site back how soon? 
She's a Space Babe!  
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les photographs
eGroups: Tess & Max
eGroups: Tess Fans
Roswell in general
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Roswell with Emilie and Jason
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