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Johanna Stahley is a breath of fresh air on the music scene, and I'm not being breezy because she's from Brooklyn or because I once had a crush on a girl named Johanna when I lived there. If anything, I should be pissed off that the singer hasn't sent the autographed photo she promised me. Johannas are trouble.

The album is not perfect, in fact Johanna boasts that "I'm not Perfect" in a delightful romp. Somewhere I read that this is the best Sheryl Crow album in awhile. Ha ha! I can hear the slight resemblance in style and voice, but Johanna sounds more like her own woman. The title song reminds me of "Don't Take the Time" as sung by Ellerine Harding, even though it's nothing like it.

A pleasant, unchallenging collection of good-time rock-n-roll. And that's great. We face enough challenges. Unpretentious, catchy enough to dance to, and always a touch of levity. I know there's studio gimmickry on songs like "Monday Morning," but they feel spontaneous.

I like "The Bartender Song," "Right Here," "Misery," "Nothing I Would Change." I enjoy the variety of approaches, so it never gets boring and something always hits the spot. This album surprised me, pleasantly, with its great band and solid songs.

Who knows? Maybe if Johanna reads this, she'll mail me that autographed picture.

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