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 They say
"Be careful."

Zoonosis is the medical term for infections that you can catch from animals, like your dog or cat. Making sure your pet sees a vet once a year and stays up to date on vaccinations, especially rabies and leptospirosis, can minimize your risks.

So can your good hygiene — washing up after dumping out pets' waste, playing with them or being scratched. Also, be sure to regularly apply or give medicines that safeguard against ticks, which can spread Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and mosquitos, which can transmit hookworms and other parasites.

Take similar steps to protect against fleas — they can cause rashes and, in rare cases, transmit the plague bacterium.

Zoonosis from Brown & Toeland Health Care

 We say
"Bite me!"

My cats ask what diseases they can catch from humans, and if cleaning themselves more often helps. Why there are mosquitos, despite the availability of perfectly good DDT.

Also, what imaginary diseases are spread by the rodents cats exterminate without chemicals, at no charge? If small animals pose such a risk, in rare instances, why doesn't human health insurance cover pets? We are their friends.

Finally, why the insults? "Wash up after emptying the cat's box." You must think we are idiots, not to mention disgusting, fat slobs.

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