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Little Acts of Treason

Carlene Carter is back. With a vengeance and a song in her heart that almost makes life worth living.

CC and I go way back, to her 1980s singles, after she married into Rockpile. Although she proclaims herself Country & Western, Carter has never lost that rockabilly influence. Her nineties efforts, Little Love Letters and I Fell In Love, are full of inspired lyrics and melodies. Great song ideas in every way. Ballads, up-tempo, anthems, happy or sad, Carlene (who composes or co-writes many of her songs) proved herself hot.

So it was with trepidation I got Little Acts of Treason [Giant, 1995, 13, 45:57], wondering: how often can an artist release three great albums in a row? It took awhile getting into Treason, but it became my number-one album for 1996. Easy to hear why. Great songs played with heart. And you know what I like best about CC and her band? She always sounds like she's having the time of her life, as she does live. You can't underestimate the importance of that in a band. If they're having fun, you have fun.

On this album, I really like "The Lucky Ones." A perennial wet rag, I can still appreciate someone's enjoying success, well-deserved as the song shows. Another great one is "Change," not the spare kind. And there's a beautiful ballad, "You'll Be The One." Other treats include a duet with her dad, Carl Smith, and surprise appearances.

None of the lyrics quite reach the level of songs on I Fell In Love, with its famous fandangled sky, but this is a consistently excellent album. Fun, played and recorded well, and beautiful listening. silver

Please come back, Carlene.
This was written about 1997.

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