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Brittany Murphy planned to be an actress from an early age, asking her mom to move to California. She began her career at thirteen with a part in “Murphy Brown,” then as a regular in a series called “Drexell’s Class.” I saw her in the second season of “The Torkelsons” renamed as “Almost Home,” in 1993.

Other television work included “The Marshal,” “Boy Meets World” and “Nash Bridges.”

Her first film role was in “Clueless” (1995), and quite a few movies followed. “Abandoned,” filmed in 2009, was released posthumously. Her final film, “Something Wicked,” is scheduled for release this year, 2013.

Ms Murphy made her Broadway debut in 1997. She was also a singer and voice actor, notably as Luanne Platter on “King of the Hill,” an animated series.

Brittany was born in Atlanta, 10 November 1977. Her brief life ended at age 32 in L.A. Cause of death was ruled pneumonia, with several cold medications possible contributing factors.

Recommended article on Brittany’s legacy by Renee Bagley. Published in 2010, so some links are no longer valid.

Brittany Murphy

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