Ms Sharma

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Rékha Sharma was born somewhere, sometime. Of that I am certain. Canada, I believe, but that covers a lot of territory. She's still a mystery to me. Dark brown eyes, black hair, 5' 2" and gorgeous.

She has played doctors – Dr Beverly Shanker (DARK ANGEL) and Dr Harden (SMALLVILLE). Now she's Stella, the lab technician on JOHN DOE. Ms Sharma played a reporter and a doctor in episodes of MYSTERIOUS WAYS, as well as "The Lone Gunman" and The Outer Limits.

Movie credits include "The Core" (2003), "Liberty Stands Still" (2002) and "The Invitation" (2001). I'm unfamiliar with the films. The tv series are all quality and off-beat (either Sci-Fi or close to it).


She does a lot of live theatre, including "Prisoners" in Vancouver.

So far as I can determine, this is the first Rékha Sharma web tribute. I was lucky enough to hear back from her, so I can report that she is keeping busy and we will be seeing more of her.

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My prayers have been answered! "The Mourner," which aired 13 December 2002 (Friday the thirteenth), provided Stella insight. She asked John Doe on a date to attend a computer nerd symposium. After a couple of interruptions, including a near-death experience, she followed up and Doe said "yes." As well he should have.

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