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Harry on Abuse of Power

The problem is power. You give politicians power and it will be abused. It's as simple as that.

It doesn't matter whether the politician asking for the power is a liberal or a conservative, an honest man or a conniver, a statesman or a political hack. Power given to politicians will always be abused eventually – if not by today's office-holders, then by tomorrow's.

Social Security will be safe only when it's taken completely away from the politicians – and you're free to spend, save, or give away every dollar you earn.

  Election campaigns will be clean only when politicians no longer have the power to pass bills that help or hurt companies and special-interest groups.

You will be safe from terrorism only when our politicians quit trying to run the affairs of other countries.

You'll be able to afford a competent, safe school for your child only when government is removed completely from education.

Drugs and crime will stop being major problems only when the Drug War is ended.

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